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Franchise Opportunities


The video entertainment industry is a strong and viable industry, representing the core of home entertainment in New Zealand.

New Zealanders rapidly embrace and adopt new technology with the majority of Kiwi households now owning either one or multiple DVD players along with PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox gaming consoles.

The recent introduction of high definition formats for DVD such as Blu-ray is sure to continue the public’s desire for better quality and additional features to meet their home entertainment needs. 

Civic continues to build on its reputation as being at the forefront of the industry’s technological changes, and our goal is to continue to integrate new methods of delivering product to our customers. 


With over 50 stores nationwide and another 220 stores within Australia, Civic is recognised within the industry as a dynamic and progressive group offering state of the art business systems and support to franchisees. 

Civic began in New Zealand in 1998, when a number of innovative, independent retailers recognised the need to join forces under a common banner to establish and maintain the best possible product purchasing arrangements along with innovative and cost effective marketing.

Throughout the continual growth of Civic, the Civic Management Team has continued as retailers with ownership and management of corporate stores. 

This ‘hands’ on approach; allows management to understand and monitor trends and ensure that this knowledge is incorporated into excellent support for Franchisees.  

Franchising with Civic 

Franchising is regarded as the most successful method of distributing goods and services.When you own a Civic Franchise, you enter into the exciting world of entertainment. You will be delivering a product that customers are eager to receive. 

Our products may be the same as our competitors, but we believe that it is the way that we deliver those products to our customers that is one of the keys to our success.As a Franchisee of Civic, you become part of the Civic family whilst still retaining a level of independence to manage your own business.

You benefit from Civic’s proven business support system, which includes: 

  •  A unique purchasing system, second to none in today’s rental & retail market;
  • Comprehensive training that leads to best industry practice;
  • In-house business tools to help manage your business;
  • Innovative and cost effective marketing;
  • All the benefits of a high profile brand identity 

You will also receive one-on-one ongoing business support and coaching by our team of experienced Franchise Business Managers, skilled in all aspects of video store operations. They will advise you on store layout and design, marketing, purchasing and day to day operations, which will help you achieve a maximum return on your investment. 

Civic hold monthly product meetings, regional meetings each quarter and an annual conference, to share ideas and keep you up to date with the latest technology and application to products and business practices. 

Consultative Management 

Civic practices consultative management. A democratically elected council of Franchisees the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) meet regularly with Civic management.

The FAC works with management to determine effective strategic direction, ensuring future revenue growth and provide the opportunity for the ideas and opinions of Franchisees to be presented to management for consideration. 

Site Selection 

Civic considers site selection critical to the success of your business and will not offer a Civic Franchise on a site that we believe unsuitable.Our experienced Store Development Team will work with you from the outset ensuring that all aspects of the proposed site from initial evaluation, lease negotiations and council approvals are carefully assessed. 

Store Set Up Team 

Civic conducts the fit-out of each new store as a “turnkey” operation, managing the design and internal completion of the premises for each franchisee.This “turnkey” service ensures the fit-out is done to the highest level of quality and compliance within the proven standards of Civic. 


Purchasing is done by the Civic Buying Team, providing you with a concise and informative buying strategy.

You will benefit from product discounts that result from our experience and expertise in negotiating with distributors. Stores are able to access and respond to monthly movie ordering through our online Video Ordering System (VOS) and our purpose built Retail Ordering System (ROS) via our own secured intranet site. 


Civic continues its innovative marketing and promotional activities, assisted by the FAC and dedicates itself to producing exciting national and local promotions aimed at attracting both new and increasing the frequency of existing customers.

We develop National marketing campaigns using both print and electronic media, which generate innovative promotions whilst maintaining consistent exposure. 

Our Marketing Support Team produces a variety of promotional items available through the Civic Online Warehousing System (COWS) including; 

  • Posters
  • Monthly in-store magazines
  • Monthly in-store preview disc
  • In-store point of sale?ś Mailers
  • Text messaging
  • In-store promotions and giveaways
  • E- News 

When you open your store, the Store Set Up team will assist you in creating an effective advertising campaign, for the launch of your new franchise business. 


Civic offers you a dynamic and comprehensive training, written and designed by a qualified and experienced trainer. Our training courses have the flexibility to be tailored to meet your specific needs. Civic training programs equip you with the knowledge and skills to successfully operate a video store.  

As a new owner, you will attend an intensive hands-one-week ‘Orientation’ training program at our Sydney offices, on the day to day running of a Civic store. Once you are established in running your own store you can attend our advanced management skills course. 

Information Technology 

Civic, through its commitment to maintaining the latest Information Technology, is a technologically advanced organisation with its own Corporate Intranet Site, Ordering System, Retail Ordering System, Civic Online Warehousing System (COWS), Civic Online Messaging System (COMS) and our Local On-Line Marketing System (COMS) 

Corporate Intranet Site 

This is the backbone of the Civic communications network. The intranet provides the communications structure to enable you to access our internal systems. 

Civic has led the industry through technological innovation, developing business, management and marketing tools unique to Civic. These tools give the Civic franchisee an advantage over other industry players who have yet to invest in these advanced systems. 

Video Ordering System (VOS)

This allows you to order your movie titles on-line, with real time calculations of the total cost of the order. You can also download a spreadsheet of the titles and prepare your order off-line at your leisure. You then email your order to the VOS database. 

Retail Ordering System (ROS) 

This system allows you to search on-line for specific titles in real time, calculating the cost of your order. This is a great tool for stores to search for a title on behalf of a customer, ordering it and fulfilling the order in an automated and timely fashion. 

Local Marketing Online 

This system empowers you to control your own local marketing budget.  You can order directly items such as mailers, local press adverts and text marketing messages.LMO allows the Civic franchisee to customise external marketing communications for individual market needs, with a standard high quality format. 

Civic On-line Warehouse (COWS) 

This system developed by and unique to Civic allows the Civic franchisee to order all warehousing items on-line, eliminating the requirement to make numerous phone calls and faxes to various suppliers, enabling the franchisee to spend more time in the business.Each individual item is accompanied by an image allowing franchisees to order with confidence in real time.  


Civic continually updates its website. The internet is an interactive and dynamic environment.  

Emerging Technologies 

Civic is committed to the development and implementation of new technologies to be integrated into the franchise model as appropriate.  

Fee Structure 

As you would expect, Civic, like other Franchise organisations has an initial Territory Fee. At present this is $20,000. 

Ongoing Franchise Fees vary depending on store turnover. However the fee is capped and averages about 4%.

An Advertising Fee of 2% is applied in addition to the Franchisee Fee. 


Whilst Civic does not offer finance franchisees directly, we are associated with several financial institutions as a preferred franchisor. This status ensures preferential finance arrangements will be available to you as a franchisee of Civic. 

Establishment Costs 

Establishment costs vary for each individual site. You will need approximately $250,000 - $300,000 to fully fit-out a new Civic store to corporate design guidelines.  


Looking to develop a new site? 

Looking to purchase an existing Civic Franchise? 

If the answer is YESemail Civic Head Office or alternatively phone 09 520 4906.


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