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Blu-ray logoCan I play a Blu-ray disc on my standard DVD player?
No, you will need a specific Blu-ray player or a PlayStation 3.

Can I play standard DVD's on a high definition disc player?
Yes, you can play DVD's and CD's on all Blu-ray players, PlayStation 3 or BD-Rom drives on your PC. NB. They will not be displayed in high definition.

What interactive features are available on Blu-ray that are not available on standard DVD?

The new Blu-Wizard technology allows you to create your own user-selected menu of bonus content, plus customise how you watch it. Combine this with Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), allowing for greater interactivity than standard DVD. The big difference is the menus, accessible while the movie is playing - access your favourite scenes or features without leaving the movie.

Why can't DVDs do this?

Standard DVD players do not have the network connectivity or technical capabilities.

What is 'high definition'?
High definition is the next technological advance from the standard definition currently used to watch TV shows and films at home. It refers to the superior picture quality achieved by increasing the amount of detail on the screen.

Are all digital television signals in high definition?
No, they aren't. Just because the signal is digital does not mean that it is a high definition broadcast.

Do I need a subscription to receive high definition TV channels or a high definition set-top box to watch Blu-ray discs?
No, high definition TV broadcasts and Blu-ray discs are two totally separate things.

Do I need a new high definition TV to watch Blu-ray discs?
No. You can plug a Blu-ray player into a standard definition TV. However, the picture will not be in high definition. For this you need an HD-Ready TV.

What does HD-Ready mean?
HD-Ready refers to whether a television such as a Plasma, LCD, LED or 3D TV is capable of processing and displaying high definition signals.

How will I know if my TV is HD-Ready?

If you're not sure if your TV is HD-Ready, refer to the user manual, the box the TV came in or the manufacturer's or retailer's website.

If I have a HD-Ready TV, does that mean that everything I watch will be in high definition?
No. Only high definition content will appear in high definition on your TV. You also need to have an HDMI cable connecting your player to your HD-Ready TV to get a high definition picture.

If I play a DVD on an HD-Ready TV, will the picture be in high definition?
No, the picture will be in standard definition. Only dedicated high definition content will give you a high definition picture.

I bought a Blu-ray disc overseas and it doesn't work in my Blu-ray player. Why is this?
You may have bought a Blu-ray disc that has a different region code to those made for Australia. The main region designations for Blu-ray are:
A - Americas, East and Southeast Asia
B - Africa, Europe, Oceania (Australia & New Zealand), Middle East, French Territories & Greenland
C - Central and South Asia, Mongolia, Russia and China

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