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Blu-ray logoDo I need to clean my Blu-ray player or PS3?
Movie & game discs collect dust and dirt on their surface. This build-up can interfere with the sound and performance and the player system. Cleaning fluids and cloths will aid in keeping a disc clean, but to clean the lens of the player, it is recommended that you consult a specialist or the player user manual.

I've heard of 720p, 1080i and 1080p - what does this mean?
These numbers refer to the number of lines of vertical resolution on a HD TV - so the higher the number, the better the picture on your screen. The 'p' stands for progressive scanning and the 'i' stands for interlaced. Progressive frames draw every line, interlace draws every other line in one sweep, then the other lines. Progressive is generally considered to be better.

What picture quality can Blu-ray support?
Blu-ray can support up to 1080p.

What sort of games will there be?
The games will allow you to interact live with content on screen, for example interactive quizzes and shooting games during the movie (this will not affect the course of the movie).

Can I record onto Blu-ray discs?
Yes, if you have a recordable Blu-ray drive with your computer.

Will everything I record be in high definition?
Not necessarily, the quality will only be as good as your source material. If the source is standard definition and then recorded to Blu-ray, it will still be in standard definition.

What are the benefits of having a bigger capacity?
When a movie is transferred from the original source material onto a disc such as a DVD or Blu-ray disc, it has to be encoded.

The quality of the image will depend on how much the information has been compressed to fit on the disc. The benefit of a large capacity is that the information can be encoded with minimal compression, meaning the image will be close to original quality.

Why does having a big capacity allow for better sound quality?
The same as with picture, sound needs to have space to be encoded, so bigger capacity allows you to transfer the sound without having to compress it. No compression (uncompressed) = better sound.

What is uncompressed sound?
The audio on your standard DVD movie is compressed to fit on the disc. As there is more storage capacity on Blu-ray disc, movies feature uncompressed sound to experience the original quality.

Is all high definition TV programming broadcast in surround sound?

What is BD-Live?
This is the next evolution of Blu-ray, BD-Live connects you to the internet via your Blu-ray disc player. You can access BD-Live powered features right from the Blu-ray disc menu, giving you access to new features and exclusive content, as well as the ability to engage with other BD-Live users.

What do I need to access BD-Live?
You'll need a Blu-ray disc that supports BD-Live; a Blu-ray player that is BD-Live enabled; and a Broadband internet connection.

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