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The next generation optical disc format has arrived, using a blue violet laser to deliver superior storage and interaction, unlocking the benefits of HD technology for an improved TV and gaming experience.

Blu-ray opens up options well beyond the limitations of DVD. The new software on Blu-ray discs will let you bookmark your favourite scenes, display menus, quizzes and games, all while the film is still playing.

If you want to recreate the cinema experience in your own home Blu-ray has a couple of additional advantages over standard DVD - its superior sound quality and up to 5 times the picture quality of standard DVD.

Blu-ray isn't just changing the way we watch TV and films. With the release of PlayStation 3 (PS3), gamers now have access to HD technology.

The PS3's amazing processing ability means that it will output high definition games at an incredible speed, and also play Blu-ray movies in full HD.

Blu-ray discs will give you so much more than your standard DVD disc.

It really is the future of home entertainment...


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